Dear Kid,

We’ve launched our way into 2018 with all the other things that make the first day of the year The First Day of the Year, like toasts and gestures and brownies and champagne and brunch and parades and football and hockey.

And Judgement.

Yes, judgement.

You’d think we could get past the first day of the year without judgement. But you’d be wrong.

Puppy Conversations DearKidLoveMom.comThe Puppy was clear.

Puppy: You’ve been Out.
Me: Yes, we went to New Year’s Brunch. Just like every year.
Puppy: And you didn’t take me.
Me: You’ve never been invited to this particular gathering.
Puppy: But there was Another Dog there.
Me: Yes….
Puppy: A dog I’ve never smelled before.
Me: Yes….
Puppy: And you snuggled!
Me: Again, true.

The Puppy gives me a look that combines disappointment, judgement, regret, pitifulness, long suffering, martyrdom, and rebuke.

Puppy: Did you have a good time?
Me: Yes, it was lovely. We really enjoyed the company, and the dog was very, very sweet.
Puppy: You probably ate while you were there didn’t you?
Me: Yes, it was delicious.
Puppy: And you didn’t bring me any, did you?
Me: Well, they didn’t serve puppy food. Just people food.
Puppy: I like people food.
Me: This was not food we would have shared with you.

The Puppy doubles down on The Look.

And we’re only on Day 1.


Love, Mom

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