Dear Kid,

Well it has been quite a weekend sports-wise.

Five Life Lessons From FootballThe most important lesson we learned is It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over also known as Play to the End.

Just about every game this weekend (and by “just about every game” I mean the two games I watched) seemed like they were tilting toward one team and (after a lot of see-sawing) went to the other team. This was either wonderful or devastating depending on who you were rooting for.

The second lesson we learned is Age is Just a Number. Exhibit A: Adam Vinatieri, actual age: 143.

Animals Love Pumpkin is Lesson Number 3. They do. The Puppy is very fond of pumpkin puree (frozen or room temp—he’s not picky). This weekend we learned (thanks to B roll) that elephants and hippos at the Cinci Zoo are enjoying their October treats. Seeds and all.

It Is Almost Christmas. This is Lesson Number 4, and one we’ll file under “faux facts.” One of the commercials (shown 4,382 times) is already talking about “Last Minute Gifts.” Last minute? Are you kidding me? It’s still pre-Trick or Trick. I get that Xmas commercials are starting already. I’m not even too fussed about it. But “last minute gifts”? Arrg. And who gets a roomba for a cat?

People Inside the TV Can’t Hear You. No matter how loudly you yell. No matter how right you are. No matter how much they deserve the wisdom and expertise you offer, they just can’t hear you. Turns out even if you’re at the game and spend time yelling at the players, they can’t hear you although they appreciate it more when you’re in the same zip code.

Happy pre-Halloween.

Love, Mom