Dear Kid,

Puppy Conversations: What Your Pet Wants You to Know (Conversations with the Dog) by Judi Cogen is here! Details coming soon. DearKidLoveMom.comMe: Come on, Puppy, it’s time for a walk.
Puppy: I don’t think so.
Me: What do you mean? It’s time for a walk.
Puppy: I have very good hearing.
Me: Then let’s go.
Puppy: And it sounds like rain.
Me: You’ll live, let’s go.
Puppy: And I have very good sniffing.
Me: Right. You love to sniff. Let’s go.
Puppy: And it smells like rain.
Me: Time for a walk. Hup to it.
Puppy: I don’t like rain.
Me: And yet, still, it is time for a walk.
Puppy: What we have here, is a failure to communicate.
Me: No more late night movies for you. Move it.


Puppy: You’re weird.
Me: Um, thank you? What are you talking about?
Puppy: You make me take baths.
Me: Oh, yes.
Puppy: You don’t take baths.
Me: I shower.
Puppy: You don’t invite me.
Me: Correct.
Puppy: Do you get wet in the shower?
Me: Yes. Water, soap, shampoo, the whole bathing experience.
Puppy: That’s my point.
Me: You lost me there, kiddo. What’s your point?
Puppy: That you don’t melt.
Me: We’re talking about melting?
Puppy: When we go out in the rain, you put on boots, and a jacket, and take a little house
Me: Umbrella?
Puppy (continuing): and make sure you don’t get wet. I get wet in the rain.
Me: Ah.
Puppy: I thought maybe you melted in rain.
Me: Well, rain water is different than shower water.
Puppy: WHAT?
Me: Just teasing. I don’t melt.
Puppy: Good to know.

Love, Mom

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