Dear Kid,

Me: Want to go for a walk?
Puppy: I love walks! Yes, yes, yes! Let’s go for a walk!
Me: Come here, you need a leash
Puppy: I’m too excited! We’re going for a walk! I have to run around!

Me: Don’t you want to go for a walk?
Puppy: Of course I do, I love walks
Me: Sit nicely, please. I have to put your leash on
Puppy: I love my leash. It means we’re going outside
Me: Well, then sit down so I can put it on
Puppy: I can’t sit down. My tail is too happy

Me: Good boy, let’s go for a walk
Puppy: This is wonderful. I love walks
Me: I’m glad
Puppy: And I love my leash
Me: I’m glad about that too
Puppy: And I have something very interesting over here to sniff
Me: We’re not even off the driveway yet!

Puppy: Today smells wonderful
Me: I thought we were going for a walk
Puppy: Busy over here
Me: A speed of zero miles per day is not a walk
Puppy: Busy
Me: So I guess we’re going for a sniff not a walk
Puppy: Don’t see you sniffing

Puppy: The world smells wonderful after it rains
Me: You don’t like rain
Puppy: I like AFTER rain
Me: I see
Puppy: Because there are so many wonderful smells to sniff
Me: Doesn’t the rain wash away the smells?
Puppy: You know nothing about sniffing
Me: Let’s pretend it’s because I haven’t had coffee yet
Puppy: Silly mommy
Me: Silly puppy
Puppy: Be quiet, I’m sniffing

Me: Remember that coffee I was talking about?
Puppy: Puppies don’t get coffee
Me: True. But you get breakfast if we go home. And I get coffee
Puppy: Sniffing
Me: You love breakfast. You love all food
Puppy: Right now, I love sniffing
Me: I’m in desperate need of coffee
Puppy: Don’t think that impacts me
Me: Let’s go home and have breakfast
Puppy: Breakfast? Why didn’t you say so!

Love, Mom

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