Dear Kid,

Puppy: Where are you going?
Me: To a party.
Puppy: I want to go to a party.
Me: You weren’t invited.
Puppy: That can’t be right.
Me: Odd, isn’t it?
Puppy: What kind of a party?
Me: A baby shower.
Puppy: I’m a baby.
Me: And still, not invited.
Puppy: Do babies take showers?
Me: We’re going to shower the Mommy with presents and love.
Puppy: I like presents and love.
Me: And still, not invited.
Puppy: So you’re getting presents and love?
Me: No, Laura is getting presents and love.
Puppy: But you’re a Mommy.
Me: Yes, but now it’s her turn to be a Mommy.
Puppy: You take turns being my Mommy?!
Me: She’ll be somebody else’s Mommy.
Puppy: Does she like Puppies?
Me: She loves puppies.
Puppy: So I should go.
Me: And still, not invited.
Puppy: I’m going to sulk while I take a nap.
Me: See you later, sweetie.

Puppy: You’re home! You’re home!
Me: Hello, sweetie. Were you a good boy while I was gone?
Puppy: You were gone?
Me: Yes, I just got home.
Puppy: When was that?
Me: Just a minute ago.
Puppy: But you’re here now.
Me: Right.
Puppy: And that is so exciting!
Me: I’m glad to see you too.
Puppy: I think we should snuggle.
Me: I was hoping you’d think that.

Love, Mom

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