Dear Kid,

Puppy: Where is she?
Me: What?
Puppy: MyGirlMyGirlMyGirl
Me: She’s sleeping.
Puppy: But she was just here.
Hi Friend! Puppy Conversations. DearKidLoveMom.comMe: She’s home. But right now she’s upstairs sleeping. You’ll have to wait.
Puppy: …
Puppy: …
Puppy: Ok, I waited. Where is she?
Me: You’ll have to wait a little more.
Puppy: This is very hard.


Puppy: I’m ready for lasagna.
Me: What?
Puppy: Lasagna. I’m ready.
Me: We don’t have lasagna.
Puppy: You could make some?
Me: And lasagna is not for puppies.
Puppy: Garfield eats lasagna.
Me: Garfield is a cat.
Puppy: I’ll pretend to be a cat if you give me lasagna.
Me: Since when do you read the comics?


Puppy: Here I am.
Me: Yes you are, you sweet thing.
Puppy: Sooo…?
Me: So?
Puppy: I smell the treat, Mom.
Me: You do?
Puppy: Do you doubt the World’s Greatest Nose?
Me: Silly me.
Puppy: I’m here. And the treat’s here.
Me: And?
Puppy: You’re not really good at math are you?

Love, Mom

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