Dear Kid,

Puppy running with the ball. Puppy Conversations #PuppyConversations DearKidLoveMom.comPuppy: Wake up.
Me: Mmrph.
Puppy: Wake up.
Me: Seriously?
Puppy: Wake up.
Me: OK, OK, give me a minute.
Puppy: Wake up.
Me: Fine, I’m awake. What?
Puppy: Watch me sleep.


Puppy: Want to go for a walk?
Me: Not really.
Puppy: I want to go for a walk.
Me: Now?
Puppy: Take Me For a Walk!
Me: Fine, we’ll go for a walk.
Puppy: In this heat?


Puppy: I think we should go for a walk.
Me: You don’t really want to.
Puppy: I do! I do! I do!!
Me: Are you sure?
Puppy: Absolutely! Walk! Walk! Walk!
Me: Fine. We’ll go for a walk.
Puppy: Carry me.


Love, Mom

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