Dear Kid,

Today was Going to the Vet Day. Nothing is wrong with the Puppy; it’s just time for his annual visit.

Me: OK, baby, time to wake up. Give me one minute and then we’ll go
Puppy: Go? Go? We’re going somewhere? I love going somewhere. Let’s go! Let’s go!
Me: Hang on, baby. Let me get the keys
Puppy: Keys means the car! I love the car! Let’s go in the car! Car! And you’re taking treats! Treats and car! Treats and car! This is fantastic! What is taking you so long!
Me: You need a leash baby. Come here
Puppy: Of course I need a leash! Put on the leash! We have to go somewhere

A hyper puppy and I drove to the vet. When we got out of the car, he began sniffing.

Puppy: This is a great somewhere! There is so much to sniff! My nose is so excited!!!

We spent about 5 minutes sniffing and smelling and investigating and cataloging and listening and sniffing again.

There's a lot to sniff before we go into the vet. DearKidLoveMom.comThen we went inside.

Puppy: I know this place. They have treats.
Vet Tech: Let’s get you weighed
Puppy: Wait?
Me: Up here
Puppy: She said we have to get me wait. I’m waiting.
Me: Up.
Vet Tech: Good boy. Let’s go into this room now.
Puppy: Come on, Mom. We’re going in here to see someone new
Me: Okey dokey
Puppy: I will sniff the room
Me: Let me know if you find anything interesting
Puppy: Very interesting! Very interesting! I think there are treats up here

I am a good boy at the vet. Can I have a treat? Puppy Conversations.
Vet Tech2: Hi Puppy. Let’s take you back for bloodwork.
Puppy: I’m not going through THAT door. That’s the ouch door.
Vet Tech2: We could go this way
Puppy: I like THIS way. See ya’ in a bit, Mom

And off he went.

After a few minutes, back he came.

Puppy: They tricked me
Me: I suspected that might happen
Puppy: We went out THIS door and still went to the ouch place

At that point the vet came in. The Puppy planted himself between my legs and the wall.

Vet: Why don’t you put him up here on the table since he’s hiding down there
Puppy: No thanks
Me: Up you go
Puppy: Up here under protest
Me: You’re a good boy
Vet: Yes, he is
Puppy: Yes, I am. But I’m not happy

The vet checked all his various bits and pieces and parts. We discussed his scratching (we’re going to try Benadryl). And then it was time for his shot.

The boy was pressing against me, but standing very still. The vet pinched a tiny bit of tushy skin and popped the shot in. He didn’t react. At all. She put down the syringe and picked up the second one that contained his oral meds.

And the Puppy yelped. Yelped more than once. Tried to climb onto the top of my head.

Puppy: That hurt! That hurt! Mom, she hurt me! Ow! Ow! Ow!
Vet: Talk about delayed reaction!
Me: You’re scratching me. Calm down
Puppy: Let me out of here! She hurt me! I am not happy!
Vet: Here’s the second one
Puppy: That is not a treat
Vet: You’re all set
Me: Come on, little guy
Vet Tech: Hi Puppy. How did it go?
Puppy: I was a good boy. No problems. Can I have a treat?

While I settled the bill (and by “settled the bill” I mean paid an amount that would feed a small country for a week), he happily explored the entire waiting room and greeted some of his adoring public.

He is now sleeping. It was a very tiring experience.

Love, Mom

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