Dear Kid,

Puppy: Mom
Me: Yes, sweetie
Puppy: Do you know what today is?
Me: Wednesday?
Puppy: No
Me: Yes, it is definitely Wednesday
Puppy: It’s National Dog Day
Me: It is?
Puppy: Most assuredly
Me: It’s also Wednesday
Puppy: Pay attention
Me: Of course. Should we talk about National Dog Day?
Puppy: Do you know what National Dog Day is about?
Me: The dog days of summer?
Puppy: No
Me: Doggie bags?
Puppy: No. Wait, dogs have bags? What are you talking about?
Me: National Dog Day is about working dogs and rescue dogs
Puppy: Yes. How did you know?
Me: I read the same posting you did
Puppy: But it’s still important
Me: Absolutely
Puppy: I am a working dog
Me: You are most assuredly NOT a working dog
Puppy: I’m not?
Me: No. Working dogs do things like guide blind people, and sniff for bombs, and rescue people. You sniff for fun and nap.
Puppy: I do important sniffing!
Me: But National Dog Day is about more than working dogs
Puppy: It’s about treats!
Me: It’s about rescue dogs
Puppy: And I rescued a dog?
Me: You are a rescue dog
Puppy: So National Dog Day is about me
Me: It’s about all dogs
Puppy: Which means I should get a treat
Me: You have very interesting logic
Puppy: Can I have a bag too?
Me: A bag?
Puppy: You said doggies get bags
Me: I love you, baby
Puppy: Love you too Mom

Love, Mom

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