Dear Kid,

Thoughts from His Furriness, in all his wonderful quirkiness.

Puppy: You’re eating carrots
Me: Yes, I am
Puppy: Carrots are my favorite
Me: I thought your favorite was peanut butter or cheese
Puppy: You’re not eating peanut butter or cheese
Me: True
Puppy: Which means carrots are my favorite right now
Me: Ah, I see
Puppy: You’re not very good at taking hints, are you?


Puppy: I heard that, I’m coming!
Me: You were sleeping at the other end of the house! How could you possibly have heard me break a banana off the bunch?
Puppy: I have super sensitive banana hearing ears
Me: I guess you do
Puppy: So I’m here
Me: I couldn’t possibly eat an entire banana by myself. Do you suppose you could help me?
Puppy: I guess I’m not too busy for that


Puppy: Throw the toy
Me: You never bring them back
Puppy: Throw the toy
Me: You just chase the toy and chew on it
Puppy: Throw the toy
Me: Will you bring it back?
Puppy: Throw the toy
Me: OK….I knew it. You’re just chewing on it
Puppy: But you threw it really well


Me: You want to play?
Puppy: I love to play, of course I want to play, let’s play!!!
Me: Ok, go fetch the toy
Puppy: I got the toy, I got the toy, I got the… I have to go look out the back window for a while
Me: I thought you wanted to play?
Puppy: I am guarding the house. Much more important.
Me: Ok, if you’re sure
Puppy: You’re not going to wait for me to come back?


Hope you have a wonderful, quirky day!

Love, Mom

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