Dear Kid,

Puppy Conversations. Grandpa! It was horrible!
Grandpa: Oh, dear. Would you like to tell me about it?
Puppy: Of course. That’s why I’m sitting in your lap.
Grandpa: What happened?
Puppy: First there was a bath.
Grandpa: And you don’t like baths.
Puppy: I was very, very wet.
Grandpa: Would you like to know a secret?
Puppy: What?
Grandpa: I took a shower today too.
Puppy: Mommy put you in the sink?!
Grandpa: Not exactly.


Puppy: Grandma! I came to visit you!
Grandma: I’m so glad you’re here.
Puppy: Where are the treats?
Grandma: Treats?
Puppy: Grandmas are supposed to have treats.
Grandma: You’ll have to talk to your Mommy about that.
Puppy: What?! This is very disappointing.
Grandma: Sorry to disappoint you.
Puppy: It would be less disappointing if you scratch. Right. There.


Puppy: There was peanut butter this morning.
Grandpa: I thought you like peanut butter.
Puppy: I LOVE peanut butter.
Grandpa: I think I’m missing something.
Puppy: There was medicine in the peanut butter.
Grandpa: Did you take your medicine?
Puppy: Well, it was peanut butter.
Grandpa: You’re a good boy.


Puppy: Then we went for a ride in the car.
Grandpa: You like the car.
Puppy: And it was a really, really long drive.
Grandpa: But you like to be in the car.
Puppy: At first there wasn’t any sleep in the car.
Grandpa: Did you want to sleep?
Puppy: I had a very important job looking out the window.
Grandpa: And then what happened?
Puppy: I slept.
Grandpa: Is that bad?
Puppy: I don’t know. I was asleep.
Grandpa: And now you’re here.
Puppy: I like that part.
Grandpa: And we like having you here.
Puppy: Will you scratch my tummy?
Grandpa: I think we can arrange that.
Puppy: Happy me.

Me: Come on, Puppy, time to go home.
Puppy: What? This is terrible.
Grandpa: But you like home.
Puppy: But now I like here.
Grandma: Maybe you’ll come to visit again sometime.
Puppy: But I don’t want to leave you. I just got used to being here.
Grandpa: What if you tell us all about the trip when you get home.
Puppy: I can do that?
Grandma: Certainly. We love to hear about your adventures.
Puppy: That might be OK.
Me: Into the car, please.
Puppy: I have a job.
Me: You do?
Puppy: To tell Grandma and Grandpa all about our trip.
Me: That sounds very important.
Dad: What if you fall asleep?
Puppy: I didn’t think of that! Whaaat am I going to dooooooo?
Me (to Dad): You have a big mouth.
Grandpa: Have a good trip!
Grandma: Thank you for visiting. Travel safe.
Puppy: Have to stay awake. Have to stay awake. Have to zzzz….

Love, Mom


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