The Kid–Currently a senior in HS graduate and ready to be a freshman sophomore in college. Loves sports and guitars. Known in some circles as the BoyChild. Inspiration for the blog.

Pi–Currently a freshman rising sophomore junior senior in HS. Very active. Known in some circles as the GirlChild. Has a blue hot red purple faded streak in her hair and a funny streak in her mind. Played football. Yep, American football. On the boys’ HS team. Now plays soccer.

Bunny–One of my wonderful children who just happens to have been born into a different family. Loves college.

Booker–Rescue Puppy and baby of the house. Loves carrots, peanut butter, crumbs, pretty much anything except lettuce. Considered Royalty and therefore often referred to (or possibly refurred to) as His Furriness, His Fuzziness, etc. Dachshund/beagle mix. Probably.

Tal–From Natanya, Israel, but lived with us for several months. Adorable.

Dust Dragons–Bigger and more reproductively inclined than dust bunnies. Have no intention of giving up residency.

Cobra–Very friendly cat who lives down the street. Good friends (in a cat-like way) with Booker. Might believe he’s a dog.

Roxie–Believes she is a dog because she is a dog. Very good natured beagle who lives several houses down from us. Twice Booker’s size with boundless energy.

My Friend,The Internet–somewhat reliable (and highly distracting) source of material and cat videos. Learn more about my friend, the internet.