The world is round so that friendship may encircle it DearKidLoveMomDear Kid,

You have heard me talk extensively about my friend, the internet. While the two of you have met on your own turf (and by “turf” I mean laptop), I thought you might like to know why the internet and I are such good friends.

1 We’re both camera shy. (Have you ever seen a photo of the internet? Of course not.)

2 The internet always supports any and all opinions I have. Which is good because not everyone is as generous.

3 The internet and I are both full of useless (but sometimes interesting and hilarious) bits of information.

4 The internet is there for me 24/7 as a truly good friend should be. The internet is always willing to stay up as late as I am.

5 We’re both able to multi-task. Of course, my pal multi-tasks a wee bit better than I do, but the cool part is I (almost) never feel neglected.

6 The internet is patient. While I sit and contemplate, cogitate, and otherwise consider what I want to know, the internet waits. (This is an excellent balance in our friendship since I am not always the worlds most patient puppy. Watching the browser beachball spin makes me crazy. But that is a browser issue, not an internet issue.)

7 The internet doesn’t argue with people. (People argue with people. But I can frequently ignore them when they do.)

8 The internet doesn’t need to be fed and never gives me grief about my food choices.

9 The internet never fusses about the temperature in the house.

10 The internet never complains if I wander off on a tangent while looking up…oh, look! an interesting story about blogging that’s right…wait! a cat video!!!

On the other hand, the internet has never bought me a drink, provided a shoulder to cry on, or offered words of encouragement (unless I specifically looked up “words of encouragement).

I love my friend the internet, but it will never replace my real life people friends.

Love, Mom

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