Dear Kid,

Puppy Conversations #PuppyConversations DearKidLoveMom.comPuppy: Mom.
Me: Mmm?
Puppy: Mom!
Me: What honey?
Puppy: That’s a commercial on TV, right?
Me: Yes.
Puppy: And commercials are to sell things, right?
Pi: I sense a trap.
Me: Generally, yes.
Puppy: There are sad dogs in that commercial. Why are they selling sad dogs?
Pi: Can’t wait to hear how you answer this one.
Me: Well, they aren’t exactly selling sad dogs.
Puppy: Good. Because dogs are supposed to be happy.
Me: True. But not all dogs are happy.
Puppy: What? Don’t their families make them happy?
Me: Not all dogs have families.
Puppy: WHAT?? How could they not have families? Ridiculous.
Me: Some dogs don’t have families. Or the people they live with don’t treat them well. So they are in shelters. That can make dogs sad.
Puppy: Why are you just sitting there? We have to go!
Me: Go where?
Puppy: To get the dogs! We can’t let them be sad!
Me: Where do you think we will put all those dogs?
Puppy: They can both stay here until their families get them.
Pi: Harder conversation than you thought, huh Mom?
Me: Oh, baby. There are more than two dogs that need to be rescued.
Puppy: This is terrible! We have to do something!
Me: Well, we rescued you.
Puppy: What. Did. You. Say?
Me: We’ve talked about this. Don’t you remember?
Puppy: No, I don’t remember. I have a very small remember-er.
Me: We adopted you from a rescue shelter.
Puppy: Nonsense. I’m part of this family.
Me: Well of course you are. Now. But before you were part of our family, you were at a shelter.
Puppy: I was not.
Me: Really and truly you were.
Puppy: I was a Sad Dog? Like on the commercial?
Me: Honey, the good news is you were never a sad dog like the commercial. But you were in a shelter.
Puppy: And you rescued me?
Me: We adopted you.
Puppy: I have to go lie down.
Me: Would you like me to scratch your tummy?
Puppy: Yes! Yes! Yes! I love having my tummy scratched!
Pi: You really do protect him, don’t you?
Me: Of course. He’s family.

Today is Love Your Pet Day. If you’re thinking about getting a new pet, please consider adopting a shelter animal. In the US there are almost 3 million healthy cats and dogs waiting to be adopted. Even if you can’t adopt or foster a pet, please think about supporting the wonderful shelters that care for these animals. And if you know of (or even suspect) animal cruelty, be sure to contact authorities immediately.

Love, Mom

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