Dear Kid,

I think you should take a break and snuggle me. Let’s play.
Me: Honey, I can’t.
Puppy: Come on, let’s play!
Me: Sweetie, I’m busy.
Puppy: Nonsense. “Busy” means typing on your computer.
Me: I’m busy doing other things.
Puppy: You can’t change what words mean!
Puppy: Mom
Me: Mmmm?
Puppy: MOM!
Me: What sweetie?
Puppy: What are you doing?
Me: Cleaning.
Puppy: There seems to be a lot of it.
Me: Yep. And you’re next.
Puppy: Who’s next?
Me: You.
Puppy: I get to clean?
Me: You get to be clean.
Puppy: That does not sound like it’s going to be good for me.
Puppy: What are you doing?
Me: I’m cleaning.
Puppy: I’ve never seen you do that before.
Me: It happens every now and then.
Puppy: Why are you cleaning?
Me: The dust dragons are getting out of control.
Puppy: Are you taking them to obedience class?
Me: I don’t think there are classes for dust dragons.
Puppy: I don’t think that looks like a pile of dragons.
Me: You’re very perceptive…


Puppy: Are you done cleaning?
Me: Not yet.
Puppy: I think you should be done now.
Me: I have a lot to do.
Puppy: I think you should take time to snuggle with me.
Me: I need to get some cleaning done.
Puppy: Snuggling!
Me: On the other hand, I might be able to take a small break.
Puppy: Excellent!
Me: Hey! Where are you going? I thought we were snuggling?
Puppy: Enjoy your break. I’m going to stare out the window for a while.

Love, Mom

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