Dear Kid,

Puppy: You’re taking a long time.
Me: I know. You just have to wait.
Puppy: You said we were going for a walk!
Me: And we are.
Puppy: When??!!!
Me: It’s cold out. I just have to get ready.
Puppy: But this is taking a LONG time.
Me: I have to put on boots, my coat, a scarf, gloves, and a hat.
Puppy: I don’t have to wear any of those things.
Me: No you don’t.
Puppy: Are you ready yet?

Puppy: You’re taking a long time again.
Me: You do realize I have to get my coat and mittens on each time we go out.
Puppy: Not only are you slow, you’re not very efficient.
Me: Why? What would you suggest?
Puppy: You should be like me, and wear your fur all the time.
Me: Not quite sure how that would work for people…
Puppy: I’m a People.

Puppy: Mo-o-om! What are you do-ing?
Me: I’m getting ready to take you for a walk.
Puppy: I’ve been waiting for-ever!
Me: You’ve been waiting for 20 seconds.
Puppy: But I’m ready!
Me: And you will keep waiting until I’m ready.
Puppy: You already have clothes on!
Me: These clothes are for being inside. I need to put on my coat for going outside.
Puppy: Where’s my coat for going outside?
Me: You don’t like wearing a coat.
Puppy: Right! So you shouldn’t either.
Me: What? That makes no sense.
Puppy: It doesn’t?
Me: Let’s go for a walk.
Puppy: What a great idea!

Love, Mom

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