Dear Kid,

Even the Puppy is getting into the Hanukkah spirit.

Puppy: Candles! It’s time for candles!
Me: I’ll be right there
Puppy: It’s time now! The candles are ready!
Me: Yes, but we’re not quite ready. You have to wait a minute
Puppy: How can you wait a minute when there are candles?

Puppy: The candles are pretty
Me: Yes they are
Puppy: Everyone gets to light one
Me: Yes, we take turns
Puppy: When is my turn?
Me: You don’t get a turn
Puppy: Why not? I would like a turn
Pi: You don’t have thumbs
Me: You have the Very Important Job of Watching
Puppy: I have an important job!


Puppy: Now it’s time for presents!
Pi: Sit down, Mister
Puppy: But I get a treat because I was a good boy during the candle lighting
Me: You were a very good boy
Puppy: And I get a treat
Pi: You get a treat in a minute
Puppy: I’m sure I get a treat. I will look for my treat.
Me: You get your treat in a minute
Puppy: Looking in the bag. No treat in the bag. Looking in the box. No treat in the box. Somebody stole my treat!
Me: No one stole your treat
Puppy: Did someone forget my treat?
Pi: You silly boy. Here is your treat.
Puppy: I like Hanukkah very much.
Me: Say “Thank You” nicely
Puppy: I thought I just did


Puppy: Can we do this again tomorrow night?
Me: Hanukkah is 8 days. So yes, we can light candles again tomorrow night.
Puppy: And then after candles I get a treat
Pi: Yes you do because you are a good boy
Puppy: Awwwww, shucks. And then we have latkes?
Me: Puppies do not get latkes
Puppy: WHAT? That doesn’t seem right
Me: Whether it seems right or not, puppies do not get latkes
Puppy: Donuts?
Me: Nope
Puppy: I think I object
Me: You might want to rethink that. I’m pretty sure puppies who object don’t get a treat after candles
Puppy: WHAT? What about my rights?
Me: You have the right to be adorable. And the right to behave.
Puppy: Oh. Well, when you put it that way, I’ll be a good boy.
Me: Excellent choice
Pi: Come here, sweetie. I’ll scratch you
Puppy: Oh boy! That’s almost as good as latkes!

Love, Mom

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