You're kidding me, right? DearKidLoveMom.comPuppy: Are you writing about me?
Me: I was trying to.
Puppy: Is it difficult?
Me: It was easier when you weren’t sitting on my computer.
Puppy: I love being near you!
Me: But I can’t type when your tush is on my keyboard.
Puppy: You’re the best Mom.
Me: Move Your Bottom!
Puppy: OK. I’ll sit on this part of the keyboard.
Me: (sigh) Would you like me to scratch your neck?
Puppy: Ahhhhhhh……
Me: I love you too, Puppy.

You know all those conversations you have with your dog but never write down? Now they’re almost here!

Puppy Conversations: What Your Pet Wants You to Know

a book of conversations by Judi Cogen

(a portion of the proceeds goes to help rescue animals)

You can buy Puppy Conversations here.

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Napping with my new Pink Pig! I love my Pig! What is your puppy doing today?