Dear Kid,

The conversation continued…

Puppy Conversations: What Your Pet Wants You to Know (Conversations with the Dog) by Judi Cogen is here! Details coming soon. DearKidLoveMom.comPuppy: And then we had to drive all the way home.
Me: It was a long drive, wasn’t it?
Puppy: It lasted my whole entire life.
Me: It lasted the better part of a day.
Puppy: That’s what I said. The entire universe of time.
Me: You stayed awake for the entire trip. That’s a long time to go without a nap.
Puppy: Well, someone had to monitor our progress.
Me: I thought we were doing that…
Puppy: Not as well as I was.
Me: I see.
Puppy: We stopped at lots of places, but we didn’t stay long enough to make friends.
Me: That’s called a rest stop.
Puppy: What? We didn’t rest at all. We got out of the car.
Me: We rested from driving.
Puppy: You’re weird. There’s nothing to rest from! You were sitting the entire time.
Me: Um…
Puppy: Then we were home.
Me: Yes.
Puppy: I like home.
Me: Home is where the heart is.
Puppy: Home is where my pillow is.
Me: “Home is where the heart is” means that wherever the people you love are is your home.
Puppy: No.
Me: Excuse me?
Puppy: The people I love were on the trip with me and we definitely weren’t Home. We were Away.
Me: Yes, but…
Pi: He’s got a good point.
Puppy: It is very tiring being on a Trip. You have to meet people, and stay awake, and sniff things.
Me: It can be very tiring.
Puppy: I believe I will stay home for a while.
Me: I believe I will too.
Puppy: I believe I will have a snack.
Me: I believe you will not.
Puppy: I would have gotten a snack on the trip.
Me: Sometimes trip rules and home rules are a little different.
Puppy: Very confusing.
Me: Yes.
Puppy: Very tiring.
Me: Yes.
Puppy: zzzzzz…snort…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Love, Mom

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