Dear Kid,

And there I was at 10:45pm listening to Dad snore gently as I watched sheep race up to fence, then stop and enter into a philosophical discussion about whether they were being kept in or out. DearKidLoveMom.comPuppy: ‘Scuse me, ‘scuse me, Puppy coming through.
Me: Am I in your way?
Puppy: Not exactly.
Me: “Not exactly” because you’re climbing into my lap?
Puppy: That’s where the attention is.
Me: And you need attention?
Puppy: Exactly.


Me: Can I help you, sir?
Puppy: I need attention.
Me: What kind of attention do you need?
Puppy: What kind of attention you got?
Me: I have snuggling attention. Will that work?
Puppy: I was hoping more for a good scratch behind the ears kind of attention.
Me: I think I can make that work.


Me: Where are you going?
Puppy: To take a nap.
Me: I thought you needed attention.
Puppy: I did. Now I need a nap.
Me: I feel abandoned.
Puppy: You’re not a very good pillow.

Love, Mom

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