Dear Kid,

Puppy: Mom! There are suitcases.
Me: Yes, sweetie.
Puppy: And bags.
Me: Also true.
Puppy: Which means someone is leaving, right?
Me: Well, yes. The Kid is going back to college.
Puppy: What?!
Me: It’s time for him to go back to school.
Puppy: What did I do wrong?
Me: Wrong? Honey, you didn’t do anything wrong.
Puppy: Is it because I slept too much? I can try to stay awake more.
Me: Sweetie, he’s not leaving because of your sleeping.
Puppy: Then why is he leaving?! I tried to behave so he would stay.
Me: You are a wonderful Puppy. The Kid isn’t leaving because of how much you slept or how you behaved. He’s leaving because he has to go back to school.
Puppy: Does he still love me?
Me: Absolutely, he still loves you. It’s just time for him to leave.
Puppy: Will he hug me goodbye?
Me: Not only will he hug you, I’m betting he’ll give you a goodbye scratch under your chin.
Puppy: And he will come back?
Me: Yes, sweetheart. He will definitely come back.
Puppy: I guess that’s OK…but I still don’t like it.
Me: I certainly understand that.

Love, Mom

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