Dear Kid,

Puppy: Do you want to hear about our trip?
Pi: I was on the trip. I was there.
Puppy: So I can tell you about it, right?Puppy Conversations
Pi: Sure, you tell me about it.
Puppy: First, we rode in the car. And everybody got to try different seats. Except me. I sat in the same seat the whole time.
Pi: Except when you sat on me.
Puppy: Well, technically you were in my seat.
Pi: Technically, there are three seats in the backseat and you took up all of them.
Puppy: Really? I thought they were all mine.
Pi: And you are a very small puppy, so taking up all that space is quite a feat.
Puppy: I have four feet.
Pi: Yes.
Puppy: And then we met People.
Pi: You like people.
Puppy: They were very nice People.
Pi: Who else did you meet?
Puppy: The Dog.
Pi: And he’s a Very Sweet Dog.
Puppy: He’s enormous!
Pi: And very sweet.
Puppy: He watched me eat. I think he wanted my food.
Pi: He’s a Labrador. He wants everyone’s food.
Puppy: But I want my food!
Pi: You got your food. No one took it away from you.
Puppy: But he watched.
Pi: I’m pretty sure you watched each other.
Puppy: He watched more.
Pi: And you watched all the people eat.
Puppy: No one shared the turkey with me and it smelled DELICIOUS!!!
Pi: It’s rough when everyone knows the rules, isn’t it?
Puppy: No one even spilled crumbs. It was very disappointing.
Pi: Just in case you were curious, it was delicious…..
Puppy: Now I’m even more disappointed.

Love, Mom

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