Dear Kid,

Puppy: That’s the school bus.
Me: Yes.
Puppy: It doesn’t stop here anymore.
Me: No, it doesn’t.
Puppy: It used to stop here.
Me: Yes.
Puppy: Doesn’t it like us anymore?
Me: I’m sure the school bus likes us, but the kids go to college now, and they don’t ride the school bus to college.
Puppy: I didn’t like the school bus.
Me: You didn’t?
Puppy: It took my Kid and my Pi away.
Puppy Conversations DearKidLoveMom.comMe: Ah, yes, it did.
Puppy: But then it brought them back later.
Me: Yes, it did.
Puppy: Now they don’t ride the bus, so it doesn’t take them away, but it doesn’t bring them back either.
Me: That’s true.
Puppy: This is complicated.
Me: You miss them when they’re gone, don’t you?
Puppy: A lot.
Me: Me too.
Puppy: Because they’re ours.
Me: Yes.
Puppy: Should I bark at the school bus?
Me: I don’t think it will help very much.
Puppy: Then I’ll take a nap.
Me: Sounds like a wonderful decision.

Love, Mom

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