Dear Kid,

Puppy: Did I tell you about my trip?
Me: I’m pretty sure I was there with you.
Puppy: But it’s better when I tell it.
Me: I’m sure it is. What would you like to tell me?
Puppy: It’s a secret.
Me: Ah, I see. Who are we not telling?
Puppy: You.
Me: Me?
Puppy: You.
Me: What are we not telling me?
Puppy: I slept on a people bed.
Me: I can see why that would be a secret.*
Puppy: So I think I should sleep on a people bed at home too.
Me: No.
Puppy: Good, so I …wait, what?
Me: No.
Puppy: But that was what I learned!
Me: Uh-huh.
Puppy: And we’re supposed to practice what we learn!
Me: There are different rules in different houses. Our rules haven’t changed.
Puppy: But I LIKED sleeping on a people bed at Auntie M’s.
Me: I’m sure you did.
Puppy: And I’m sure I would like sleeping on a people bed in our house.
Me: You are doomed to disappointment.

Love, Mom

*In our house, Puppies do not go upstairs and they do not sleep on people beds.


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