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Walking the Dog Day & International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day | Puppy Conversations

Dear Kid,

It's Walking the Dog Day and tomorrow is International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day! Can life GET any better? Mom!
Me: Yes, baby?
Puppy: I don’t think you’re paying attention.
Me: Just so I’m clear, paying attention to who?
Puppy: Not a who, a what.
Me: And what is it I’m not paying attention to?
Puppy: The calendar.
Me: Why does the calendar need paying attention to? It’s usually you who needs attention.
Puppy: I’m a who, not a what.
Me: Absolutely. But let’s go back. What about the calendar?
Puppy: Don’t you know what today is?
Me: Monday?
Puppy: Pay. Attention!
Me: I thought I was. What are you talking about?
Puppy: It is Walking the Dog Day!
Me: You get walked every day.
Puppy: Yes, but there is a Day for it!
Me: Uh-huh.
Puppy: But that’s not all.
Me: It’s not? Silly me. What else?
Puppy: Tomorrow.
Me: Tuesday.
Puppy: Pay attention! Tomorrow is International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day!
Me: You appreciate all food all the time.
Puppy: Yes, but there’s a Day for it.
Me: So you said.
Puppy: So….
Me: So?
Puppy: So we should practice.
Me: You lost me there. Practice what?
Puppy: Walking and eating treats!
Me: Ah.
Puppy: Do I have to explain everything?
Me: Apparently. Would you like to go for a walk?
Puppy: I thought you’d never ask. Will there be a treat at the end?
Me: Don’t push your luck, kiddo.
Puppy: I’m so excited!

Love, Mom

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Puppy Conversations | Going to the Vet

Dear Kid,

Today was Going to the Vet Day. Nothing is wrong with the Puppy; it’s just time for his annual visit.

Me: OK, baby, time to wake up. Give me one minute and then we’ll go
Puppy: Go? Go? We’re going somewhere? I love going somewhere. Let’s go! Let’s go!
Me: Hang on, baby. Let me get the keys
Puppy: Keys means the car! I love the car! Let’s go in the car! Car! And you’re taking treats! Treats and car! Treats and car! This is fantastic! What is taking you so long!
Me: You need a leash baby. Come here
Puppy: Of course I need a leash! Put on the leash! We have to go somewhere

A hyper puppy and I drove to the vet. When we got out of the car, he began sniffing.

Puppy: This is a great somewhere! There is so much to sniff! My nose is so excited!!!

We spent about 5 minutes sniffing and smelling and investigating and cataloging and listening and sniffing again.

There's a lot to sniff before we go into the vet. DearKidLoveMom.comThen we went inside.

Puppy: I know this place. They have treats.
Vet Tech: Let’s get you weighed
Puppy: Wait?
Me: Up here
Puppy: She said we have to get me wait. I’m waiting.
Me: Up.
Vet Tech: Good boy. Let’s go into this room now.
Puppy: Come on, Mom. We’re going in here to see someone new
Me: Okey dokey
Puppy: I will sniff the room
Me: Let me know if you find anything interesting
Puppy: Very interesting! Very interesting! I think there are treats up here

I am a good boy at the vet. Can I have a treat? Puppy Conversations.
Vet Tech2: Hi Puppy. Let’s take you back for bloodwork.
Puppy: I’m not going through THAT door. That’s the ouch door.
Vet Tech2: We could go this way
Puppy: I like THIS way. See ya’ in a bit, Mom

And off he went.

After a few minutes, back he came.

Puppy: They tricked me
Me: I suspected that might happen
Puppy: We went out THIS door and still went to the ouch place

At that point the vet came in. The Puppy planted himself between my legs and the wall.

Vet: Why don’t you put him up here on the table since he’s hiding down there
Puppy: No thanks
Me: Up you go
Puppy: Up here under protest
Me: You’re a good boy
Vet: Yes, he is
Puppy: Yes, I am. But I’m not happy

The vet checked all his various bits and pieces and parts. We discussed his scratching (we’re going to try Benadryl). And then it was time for his shot.

The boy was pressing against me, but standing very still. The vet pinched a tiny bit of tushy skin and popped the shot in. He didn’t react. At all. She put down the syringe and picked up the second one that contained his oral meds.

And the Puppy yelped. Yelped more than once. Tried to climb onto the top of my head.

Puppy: That hurt! That hurt! Mom, she hurt me! Ow! Ow! Ow!
Vet: Talk about delayed reaction!
Me: You’re scratching me. Calm down
Puppy: Let me out of here! She hurt me! I am not happy!
Vet: Here’s the second one
Puppy: That is not a treat
Vet: You’re all set
Me: Come on, little guy
Vet Tech: Hi Puppy. How did it go?
Puppy: I was a good boy. No problems. Can I have a treat?

While I settled the bill (and by “settled the bill” I mean paid an amount that would feed a small country for a week), he happily explored the entire waiting room and greeted some of his adoring public.

He is now sleeping. It was a very tiring experience.

Love, Mom

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Puppy Conversations | Walking in Sharon Woods Park

Dear Kid,

We (Pi, the Puppy, and moi) had a lovely 2 mile walk in Sharon Woods Park yesterday. Parts of our time there were less walk-like than others.

Me: Keep moving, Puppy
Pi: He found something very interesting to sniff
Puppy: Busy
Me: Walking
Pi: Mom, it’s a very interesting blade of grass
Puppy: Busy
Me: This is supposed to be a walk, not a sniff
Puppy: Still busy

Pi: Let’s take him into the field and play
Me: Sure
Puppy: We’re leaving the path, this is exciting!
Pi: Look Puppy, I have a ball
Puppy: Hey, there’s an interesting blade of grass here!
Pi: Fetch (throws the ball)
Puppy: Look, there are people over there (runs toward the people)
Pi: No, you nut case, fetch the ball!
Puppy: Why?
Pi: I have treats
Puppy: I love treats! Coming!!
Pi: Bring the ball, you silly thing
Puppy: Want treats!!
Pi: The ball, go fetch
Me: (walking over to the ball) Look Puppy, here’s the ball!
Puppy: Huh? Just want treats!!
Me: Come here
Puppy: Do you have treats?
Pi: Bring me the ball
Puppy: This is a stupid way to get treats

Me: Come here, baby. Good boy, pick up the ball
Puppy: Really?
Me: Pick up the ball
Puppy: This is totally ridiculous
Me: Take
Puppy: Want a treat!
Pi: I don’t really think he wants to play
Me: You think?
Puppy: Treat!
Pi: Here you go
Puppy: Love treats!!! More!!
Pi: Ok, here’s another one
Puppy: Yummy!
Pi: I don’t think he’s very smart
Me: I think he taught you to give him treats for no reason. Seems pretty smart to me

Puppy: I love walks
Me: I’m really glad
Puppy: Gotta poop
Me: This is the third time you’ve pooped just on this walk
Puppy: It’s important

Puppy: Gotta pee
Me: You have nothing left inside your body to come out. There is nothing in there. You’ve pooped three times and peed fifty times
Lady Walking By: He’s not really here if he doesn’t leave a reminder (She is laughing her head off while she says this)
Me: Walk!
Pi: It’s hard to squeeze nothing out
Me: Walk!
Puppy: Busy
Pi: Oh look, there are ducks! Look Puppy, ducks!
Puppy: So?
Pi: Play with the ducks
Me: Keep him away from the geese
Geese: Hissssssssss
Pi: I don’t think geese like dogs
Me: What on earth made you think that?
Pi: I want him to play with the ducks
Me: You can want that all you like, but neither the Puppy nor the ducks seem interested
Puppy: Look how nicely I’m walking
Me: Now you walk nicely
Puppy: Yes, very nicely. Would you like to give me a treat?
Me: No, but thank you for offering
Pi: Look Puppy, ducks
Puppy: Yep, those are ducks. Not really interested
Pi: How can you not be interested? They are ducks!
Me: Look at the baby ducks! They are so cute
Puppy: I’m cute!
Me: The baby ducks are soooo cute
Puppy: You should probably give me a treat

Wish you’d been here to enjoy the walk with us.

Love, Mom

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Puppy Conversations | Going to School and Going Work

Dear Kid,

Puppy: Mommy?
Me: Yes, dear?
Puppy: I was thinking…
Me: You were?
Puppy: …that maybe…
Me: Yes?
Puppy: …If you felt like being the Best Mom in the World…
Me: Yes?
Puppy: …that maybe…
Me: Yes?
Puppy: I could have a treat.
Me: You need a treat?
Puppy: I think I do
Me: Come on baby, let’s get you a treat
Puppy: That is a GREAT idea! I wish I thought of that!!


Puppy: That’s the peanut butter jar!
Me: Yes, it is
Puppy: What are you doing with it?
Me: Making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Puppy: I like licking the jar
Me: You get to lick the jar when it’s empty
Puppy: Is it empty?
Me: Not yet
Puppy: I could help with that, you know


Puppy: Where is She going?
Me: Pi is going to school
Puppy: Do I go to school?
Me: You did when you were a puppy
Puppy: But not now?
Me: No, you went to school for 6 weeks
Puppy: But She goes more?
Me: Well, yes
Puppy: Guess she is a slow learner, huh?


Puppy: Tell me about going to school
Me: When you were a puppy, you went to school
Puppy: What did I do?
Me: Well, you practiced heeling, and sitting, and things like that
Puppy: That’s just a walk! I didn’t need school to learn to walk.


Me: Goodbye, Puppy. I’ll see you when I get home
Puppy: Where are you going?
Me: I’m going to work
Puppy: Do I work?
Me: You clean up your toys. And you nap. And you’re generally very helpful.
Puppy: Is that what you do at work?
Me: More or less…

Love, Mom

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