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Puppy Conversations | National Dog Day

Dear Kid,

Puppy: Mom
Me: Yes, sweetie
Puppy: Do you know what today is?
Me: Wednesday?
Puppy: No
Me: Yes, it is definitely Wednesday
Puppy: It’s National Dog Day
Me: It is?
Puppy: Most assuredly
Me: It’s also Wednesday
Puppy: Pay attention
Me: Of course. Should we talk about National Dog Day?
Puppy: Do you know what National Dog Day is about?
Me: The dog days of summer?
Puppy: No
Me: Doggie bags?
Puppy: No. Wait, dogs have bags? What are you talking about?
Me: National Dog Day is about working dogs and rescue dogs
Puppy: Yes. How did you know?
Me: I read the same posting you did
Puppy: But it’s still important
Me: Absolutely
Puppy: I am a working dog
Me: You are most assuredly NOT a working dog
Puppy: I’m not?
Me: No. Working dogs do things like guide blind people, and sniff for bombs, and rescue people. You sniff for fun and nap.
Puppy: I do important sniffing!
Me: But National Dog Day is about more than working dogs
Puppy: It’s about treats!
Me: It’s about rescue dogs
Puppy: And I rescued a dog?
Me: You are a rescue dog
Puppy: So National Dog Day is about me
Me: It’s about all dogs
Puppy: Which means I should get a treat
Me: You have very interesting logic
Puppy: Can I have a bag too?
Me: A bag?
Puppy: You said doggies get bags
Me: I love you, baby
Puppy: Love you too Mom

Love, Mom

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Love Your Pet Day and Other Redundancies

Dear Kid,

Only a few more days left in International Flirting Week, so—if you’re so inclined—it’s time to get your international flirt on.

Pi’s friend Emma was here yesterday.

Pi: They almost bought a goat
Emma: What? Who? What are you talking about?
Me: Let me interpret. By “they” she means Dad and me. By “almost bought” she means never even considered buying. And by “goat” she means she said the word goat.
Emma: Oh, my
Pi: Well, they almost brought home a bunch of puppies
Me: Again, I shall interpret. By “almost brought home” she means saw. And by “puppies” she means rescue dogs.
Pi: You held a puppy
Me: Nope, saw puppies
Pi: Really?
Emma: You are a sassy family! I love it

And I’m pretty sure that by “sassy” she did not exactly mean sassy.

Today is (I kid you not), Love Your Pet Day. This is clearly the winner in the Most Redundant Holiday Ever Contest.

How is every day NOT Love Your Pet Day? And how can anyone even begin to think that their pets don’t know they are loved beyond all reason?

(Do not make me answer those questions or I’ll have to go to a dark place about people who mistreat pets and that seems like a bad idea on Love Your Pet Day.)

If you were to query My Friend The Internet about Love Your Pet Day, you would find lots of people who sell pet things and pet services offering to sell you pet things and pet services on Love Your Pet Day (and all the other days too).

I did not find anything (in my admittedly limited search) for a pet goat. Which is not a problem for us since we don’t have a goat.

To be abundantly clear, in our house every day is Love Your Pet Day. Please do not give the puppy any ideas about extra treats since he is sufficiently spoiled.

Love, Mom

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National Dog Day | Puppy Has His Say

Dear Kid,

Being Adorable is Exhausting DearKidLoveMom.comLast night the puppy climbed into my lap, put is paws on my chest, and stared at me with huge eyes.

Puppy: You blew it.
Me: Undoubtedly. What are we talking about?
Puppy: National Dog Day
Me: Yes
Puppy: On August 26th
Me: Yes
Puppy: You didn’t write about it
Me: True
Puppy: You. Blew. It.
Me: I’m sorry
Puppy: Do you know that dogs are important?
Me: Of course
Puppy: There are working dogs and cuddling dogs and dogs that work at cuddling, and you FORGOT to write about their day!
Me: I didn’t forget. Not exactly
Puppy: There are LOTS of dogs that need to be rescued
Me: You’re a rescue puppy
Puppy: And adorable
Me: And adorable
Puppy: And in charge of security
Me: And adorable
Puppy: And you missed our Day.
Me: Wait a minute. I’ve written about dogs that work for Guiding Eyes for the Blind and Diabetes Dogs and K-9 Dogs and International Dog Assistance Week and Rescue Dogs. And I write about you.
Puppy: You do?
Me: I do. Besides, isn’t pretty much every day National Dog Day?
Puppy: Not bath day
Me: Not even when the bath is over?
Puppy: Every day is Dog Day?
Me: Especially at the end of summer
Puppy: Huh?
Me: Never mind
Puppy: So, if every day is National Dog Day…
Me: Yes?
Puppy: I should get a treat
Me: You should, huh?
Puppy: Yes
Me: I thought you might say something like that. Come on!

Happy National Dog Day August 26th and Every Day

Love, Mom (and Booker)

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