Dear Kid,

Me: Stop it!
Puppy: I’m helping
Me: You’re not helping
Puppy: Helping! Helping! Helping!
Me: Scratching the door does not make it open any faster
Puppy: It might
Me: Stop It!


Me: Come on
Puppy: I’m sniffing
Me: I can see that. I would rather see you walking
Puppy: It’s important sniffing
Me: I’m sure it is. Let’s go have breakfast
Puppy: I love breakfast
Me: I know you do—so let’s get going
Puppy: In a minute. I’m sniffing


Me: This is not for you
Puppy: It could be
Me: This is my breakfast. You had your breakfast
Puppy: It smells delicious
Me: Thank you. But this is my breakfast, not your breakfast
Puppy: It could be. You could share. Or something might fall.
Me: I love your optimism
Puppy: So you’ll share?
Me: You can enjoy the yummy smell
Puppy: Yes? Yes? And?
Me: And this is my breakfast
Puppy: I’ll wait. Just in case.

Love, Mom

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