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The Ultimate Accessory

Dear Kid,

Have you ever looked at something fairly ordinary and thought, “That is the best thing EVER! That is the type of thing that could make an entire alien race notice us!”?

I love my rain boots. DearKidLoveMom.comI feel that way about really good brownies (the fudgy kind, not the cakey kind) and my rain boots.

I love my rain boots. Not because they fall into the “gorgeous shoes” category (they are NOT gorgeous shoes), but because they keep my toes dry.

There is something entirely luxurious about walking wading through puddles and having dry feet when you get wherever it is you’re going.

In southwest Ohio, it doesn’t rain men, it doesn’t rain candy (does it disappoint you to learn that song lyrics are not always factual?), it rains water. And sometimes hail. But mostly water.

This summer it’s raining a lot of water.

I’d like it to rain less (sunshine, where ARE you??) but as long as it’s raining, I’ve got my rain boots.

Stay dry sweetie.

Love, Mom

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Puppy Conversations | Walking in the Rain with My Puppy

Dear Kid,

Me: Come on, honey, wake up
Puppy: Sleeping
Me: I know, but it’s time to get up
Puppy: (Yawn) It’s very early
Me: I know. But I’m up, and maybe we can beat the rain
Puppy: I think I’d rather snuggle
Me: Snuggles are lovely, but you hate rain
Puppy: It’s very early


Puppy: It’s raining!
Me: I think I might have mentioned something to that effect
Puppy: Let’s go home
Me: It’s only going to get worse. Come on
Puppy: Whose idea was this walk thing?


Puppy: You must be very fragile
Me: Why do you say that?
Puppy: You have an umbrella every time it rains
Me: Yes
Puppy: and Boots
Me: Very Fun Striped Rain Boots, yes
Puppy: I don’t have an umbrella
Me: No
Puppy: Or rainboots
Me: No
Puppy: You must have a bad reaction to rain
Me: Something like that


Puppy: It’s raining
Me: Pretty sure we discussed that already
Puppy: You want me to poop in the rain?
Me: That was the general idea, yes
Puppy: You’re nuts


Me: Good boy, let’s go home
Puppy: well…
Me: It’s raining, let’s go home
Puppy: I’m not in a rush
Me: You hate the rain!
Puppy: You woke me up very early
Me: And?
Puppy: And it’s raining
Me: And?
Puppy: And I believe I will take my own sweet time
Me: Why?
Puppy: There are things to sniff and…
Me: And?
Puppy: And I will smell like Wet Dog
Me: Oh, joy
Puppy: Next time don’t wake me up so early


Me: Sit
Puppy: Why?
Me: So I can dry you off
Puppy: You already dried me off
Me: With towel number one. This is a two-towel day, my friend
Puppy: You’re delaying my breakfast
Me: Sit


Puppy: Mom
Me: Yes, baby
Puppy: I don’t like rain very much
Me: I know
Puppy: But, Mom?
Me: Yes, baby
Puppy: It’s not as bad when we go together
Me: Thank you sweetie.
Puppy: Scratch more, please

Love, Mom

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