Dear Kid,

Puppy: You’re going WHERE?
Me: To a pet adoption event
Puppy: But I’m here
Me: Yes, you most certainly are
Puppy: Are you taking me?
Me: No, you’ve already been adopted
Puppy: I have? By who???
Me: By us, silly
Puppy: I’m ADOPTED?
Me: Well, yes, don’t you remember us talking about it?
Puppy: Of course not.
Me: Oh, puppy

Puppy: Why are you going to a pet adoption event?
Me: To see the animals
Pi: I think we should get a goat
Puppy: Are you going to bring me an animal? I already have my green frog and my squeaky skunk
Me: No, I don’t think they are going to have squeaky skunks there
Puppy: What kind of skunks will they have?
Me: I’m not expecting any skunks. I’m expecting dogs and cats
Puppy: Are you going to bring home one of those???
Me: No, we’re just going to say hello and maybe scratch a tummy or two
Puppy: I like it when you scratch my tummy
Me: I know you do
Puppy: So I think you should stay home and scratch my tummy
Me: That’s a lovely idea. Maybe I’ll scratch your tummy when we get back
Puppy: This isn’t working out quite the way I planned
Me: Life happens that way sometimes. Besides, maybe the Really Good Treat people will be there. If they are, I’ll probably bring you home some treats
Puppy: I LOVE treats! Want a treat! Want a treat!
Me: Calm down, baby
Puppy: Can’t calm down! Want a treat!

Love, Mom

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