Dear Kid,

Puppy: Where are you going?
Me: I’m going to work
Puppy: Can I go with you?
Me: Haven’t we had this conversation?
Puppy: I want to go with you
Me: What would you do at work?
Puppy: The same thing you do
Me: I don’t think you can type on the computer and talk on the phone
Puppy: I can try
Me: Somehow I don’t think that will work
Puppy: I can say hello to people. I’m very good at hello
Me: Yes you are
Puppy: And I can nap
Me: You can nap at home
Puppy: But then I wouldn’t be near you!
Me: You’re such a good boy
Puppy: So I can go with you?
Me: No. I’ll see you tonight
Puppy: Can I have a treat?
Me: I’ll see you later
Puppy: Sigh.


Puppy: You’re Home! I’m so happy!
Me: I’m happy to see you too, puppy
Puppy: You’re Home! You’re Home! You’re Home!
Me: Did you have a good day?
Puppy: Yes, I …wait a minute. You’re home later than usual. Where have you been?
Me: I met my friend Sue for dinner
Puppy: Food! You had food without me!
Me: I frequently have food without you
Puppy: That doesn’t sound like a good idea
Me: Actually, I had quite a nice time
Puppy: Without me???
Me: Hard to believe, isn’t it?


Me: Time for a walk
Puppy: Sleeping
Me: I know. Still time for a walk
Puppy: Sleeping on the pillow
Me: So I see. Time for a walk
Puppy: I think I’ll stay on my pillow
Me: I know you’re all sleepy warm. Still time for a walk.
Puppy: Yawn.
Me: Come on. Front legs go this way. Um, your back legs are supposed to follow…
Puppy: Hind legs are still sleeping
Me: You’re stretching like an accordion!
Puppy: I don’t know what that is, but I think my back half has the right idea about sleeping.

Love, Mom

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