Dear Kid,

But you MIGHT drop something DearKidLoveMom.comPuppy: That smells delicious
Pi: It’s my dinner
Puppy: It smells so good
Pi: I will share the smell with you
Puppy: I would like you to share some of your dinner with me
Pi: Not going to happen
Puppy: But you might drop something
Pi: You know I love you, but you are invading my personal space, mister
Puppy: That’s where the best smells are


Puppy: Mom!
Me: Yes, sweetie
Puppy: People are eating
Me: Thank you for that news flash
Puppy: I would like to be eating
Me: You already had your dinner
Puppy: That was a very long time ago
Me: That was just ten minutes ago
Puppy: I said it was a long time ago. Besides, that was that food and this is this food. And I would like some of this food.
Me: That is unfortunate
Puppy: But. It. Smells. So. Good!
Me: Yes, it does
Puppy: I think my nose is going to explode


Puppy: You’re eating leftovers!
Me: Yes, we are eating Thanksgiving leftovers
Puppy: I told you you’d never be able to finish all that food without my help
Me: But now we have delicious leftovers
Puppy: How come I’m not included in the “we”?
Me: Because you’re a puppy
Puppy: You call me a people. You tell me I’m part of the family
Me: I think we’ve had this conversation, haven’t we
Puppy: But it didn’t end with me getting any food
Me: Do you think there is going to be a different ending this time?
Puppy: There might be. I will supervise the eating. And the dropping on the floor


Dad: Booker, come!
Puppy: Something fell on the floor! I’m coming, I’ll be right there! Running as fast as I can!!!
Dad: Right there
Puppy: Where? Where? Where? All these smells are confusing my nose!
Dad: Right there, silly
Pi: What are you feeding him?
Dad: A tiny piece of turkey fell
Puppy: I found it! I found it! It is delicious! It’s a feast! I love it! All cleaned up!
Me: I’m glad you enjoyed it
Puppy: May I have some more?
Dad: Check in with me next Thanksgiving

Happy December, kiddo!

Love, Mom

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