This was supposed to publish on 10/31 but apparently didn’t. So pretend it’s a day or two ago….

Dear Kid,

It’s Halloween!

What are you going to be for Halloween DearKidLoveMomI was going to write a blog about the best Halloween costumes for college age kids, but A) I’ve done that and B) once you are college age and decide to dress up, you’re awesome, so who cares who’s best?

Then I thought I’d write a blog about the best Halloween candy. But A) I ate it all and B) there are lots of good kinds of Halloween candy (chocolate) and lots of meh Halloween candy (lollipops and Good and Plenty) but there generally isn’t GREAT Halloween candy (the really, really good chocolate). Also, if you’re in college and you’re dressing up, it’s a fair bet that your Halloween candy comes in a pint glass with a foamy top.

Then I thought I’d write a blog about the best Halloween pumpkins. But nothing can top helping you cut up a jack-o-lantern when you were little (wearing an apron and standing on a chair so you could reach inside to scoop it out), so been-there-done-that.

Besides, I broke a nail today, so I’m on the injured reserved list (see how I made a sports reference? Extra points for me!).

Have a wonderful, boo-filled, ghost-inhabited, candy-complete, costumed-out, batty Halloween!

Love, Mom