Dear Kid,

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! DearKidLoveMom.comYou (being a college student) probably celebrated this past weekend.

The rest of us are celebrating today. (Boo!)

We are having a Halloween party at work today.

There will be a costume competition and a creative food competition.

Since I won the sock competition last year (Woo Hoo!), I don’t feel the need to compete again. So I decided to make a delicious something-or-other.

My best idea was to celebrate HalloWine and bring a bottle of an adult beverage. But it’s work, so I nixed the liquor and decided to stay professional.

My next thought was a delectable dessert. But my Fitbit conveniently pointed out that I’d probably eat 50% of whatever I made before I even reached the building. And I couldn’t come up with (and by “come up with” I mean “find on the internet”) an idea that appealed to me and wasn’t aimed at the single-digit-age crowd.

But I found a great idea from Steve Giralt on the Woman’s Day website.

great idea from Steve Giralt on the Woman’s Day website.

Pretty fabulous, yes?


Only I didn’t manage to go shopping.

So instead of the winning crudité display, I shall be bringing an excuse.

A creative excuse.

Here’s my list:

  1. Halloween is supposed to be the trusty little holiday with little kids dressed up like their favorite superhero of the moment, trekking through miles of neighborhood begging for candy like the little calorie-deprived darlings they are. DearKidLoveMom.comMy dog ate it. Which could be true, since The Puppy will eat pretty much everything (especially carrots). But he’s much too well behaved to do such a thing.
  2. I was sick all weekend and didn’t want to contaminate anyone. Which would be good except that I wasn’t sick at all. And I look far too healthy today for anyone to believe me. In order to make this work, I’d need to dress up like a sick person. And I’ve already ruled out costuming.
  3. I was so busy catching up on work that I didn’t have time to make anything. I am quite backed up on work. And I had a lot of it at home. I even spent about half an hour organizing things. Not sure that half an hour qualifies as a reasonable amount of time to not get around to kitchen stuff.
  4. Aliens landed, took my crudité, and then wiped my memory of the entire incident. Could have happened. I can’t remember.
  5. My computer crashed and I spent the weekend trying to get back my work. Great excuse, but would undoubtedly have generated a great blog. Or no blog at all. Not believable.
  6. I spilled coffee all over the display and ruined all the veggies. That could have happened.
  7. I ran out of coffee over the weekend and slept through the whole thing. That could not have happened.
  8. The Bengals were playing in London and the game went into overtime (true). It took until this morning to recover. Uh-huh.
  9. Trying to get all the veggies lined up right brought on a panic attack of epic proportions.Halloween Trick or Treat
  10. I didn’t want to show up everyone else.

What do you think?

Love, Mom