Dear Kid,

Five Ways to Tell Your Sweetie Still Loves You DearKidLoveMom.comFive ways to tell your Sweetie loves you.

5. When you seriously oversleep on a weekday, he calmly agrees to walk the Puppy even though it’s your job.

4. He’s learned to say “nice shoes” even though he has no idea why he’s saying it.

3. He only rolls his eyes a little when you buy a new bird feeder and throw out the horrible “perfectly fine” old one.

2. He comes home between events just to give you a kiss on the forehead.

1. On a Saturday morning, he lets you sleep in even though you’d talked about going someplace together and then—the man who requires a banana every morning with his breakfast—leaves you half of the last banana.

The husband-person is a good man.

Love, Mom