Dear Kid,

Bird 1: Fly! Flee! Send up the alarm!!
Bird 2: Huh?
Bird 1: Human approaching! Dog attacking!! Everyone take wing!

Just keep filling up the bird feeder....that's back away slowly....DearKidLoveMom.comWith that, the birds flew off as the Puppy and I went out to fill the bird feeders.

Bird 2: They’re gone.
Bird 1: They might come back.
Bird 2: I think they’re really gone. Let’s eat.
Bird 1: No way. They have to learn not to disrupt us.
Bird 3: You’re punishing them?
Bird 1: Absolutely.
Bird 2: But I smell breakfast.
Bird 1: Follow the rules!
Bird 2: I can follow the rules. But I don’t think my beak can.
Bird 4: You’re ridiculous.
Bird 1: This is serious business! There were strangers handling our food! Stay Away!
Squirrel 1 (yawning): ‘S happening?
Bird 1: People!
Bird 2: Food.
Bird 4: Ridiculousness.
Squirrel 1: Birdbrains.
Bird 3: I’m going in.
Bird 1: SQUAWK!
Bird 3: It’s delicious. Get over yourself.
Bird 1: Don’t talk with your beak full. And move over. I want to eat too.
Bird 2: Have you noticed there’s not that much left?
Bird 1: Maybe the people will come out again later…

Love, Mom