Dear Kid,

For a new parent, there isn’t much worse than finding yourself dressed and ready to go to work in the morning, make-up more or less in the appropriate place, clothing covering all the important parts and generally acceptable for a business meeting, knowing that there is a strong cup of coffee just a short commute away, then leaning over to kiss the wee one goodbye and getting the morning’s breakfast all over your last clean dress, your favorite shoes, and your hair.

Not saying you ever did this. (I wore sneakers to work and put on my good shoes when I got where I was going. You never had a chance to desecrate them.)

It’s almost as bad as having the dream about missing (or being late to) an exam. Or the dream about showing up for the wrong exam. Or the dream about forgetting where the exam takes place. Or what the combination to your locker is. (I often have dreams nightmares terrifying-assaults-on-my-brain-during-sleep-hours set in the halls of a high school I’ve never attended with no way to open my locker. Weird brain, I know.)

For a college student, the moral equivalent is the joy of jumping out of bed, refreshed and ready to go, only to realize the exam starts in 3.4 minutes and the building is 5 minutes away. And you are still in PJs. Need I mention that the instructor does not serve coffee during the exam?

It’s fine with me if you take your exams in your PJs. But please be sure you eat well, get enough sleep, and generally take care of yourself. Also, set your alarm so you get to exams on time.

Good Luck during finals, kiddo.

Love, Mom





Love, Mom