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Love You, Kiddo

Dear Kid,

Love you kiddoSometimes I just assume you know I love you.

I’m pretty sure you know. But it’s important to say so every now and then.

Today I’m saying it out loud. (If you’re ok considering “in print” to mean “out loud”.)

I love you, kiddo.

And I’m proud of you.

And I am very lucky to be your mom.

(This is the part where you hug me.)

Love, Mom

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Puppy Conversations | Completely in Love with Tal

Puppy in Love DearKidLoveMom.comDear Kid,

As you know, we have a new family member. Her name is Tal and she is from Israel. And Booker is completely in love. The second night Tal was here, we put him in his crate for bed. When he realized Tal was sitting here with us, he began to fuss and cry. Eventually, I let him out (yep, I’m a sucker). He was very polite as he ogled her. Then he began, ever so slightly, to lean toward her. And lean a little farther. And then lean a little farther still. After a few minutes, she got down on the floor and snuggled with him. You have never seen such a happy boy! He is head over tail in love.

Here are some of their recent conversations.

Puppy: You smell new
Tal: Hi Puppy
Puppy: You’re new and I’m so excited! Excited! Excited!
Tal: You are very cute
Puppy: Yes, I am. You are too
Tal: I’m glad to meet you. You seem to have a lot to say
Puppy: I do have a lot to say. I can tell you all about our house. Except the upstairs part because I’m not allowed to go upstairs.
Tal: It sounds like you are very good at following the rules.
Puppy: Of course. I always follow the rules.
Me: Excuse me?
Puppy: Most of the time.


Puppy: Want to scratch my tummy?
Tal: I’d love to scratch your tummy
Puppy: You are very good at this.
Tal: Thank you


Tal: You’re very smart
Puppy: Yes, I am very smart
Tal: I am very impressed
Puppy: I am very impressive
Me: Your modesty is underwhelming…


Puppy: That chicken smells dee-li-shus…it smells really, really good…I think I might like some…can I please have some of the yummy chicken?
Tal: No, no table food for puppies
Puppy: What?! She knows the rules?! This is a disaster.


Puppy: You know what we do in our house?
Tal: What?
Puppy: We tell people we love them
Tal: Well, I love you
Puppy: And do you know what else we do?
Tal: What?
Puppy: We show them we love them
Tal: Oh, I see. And how do you do that?
Puppy: With tummy rubs, and ear scratches, and treats
Tal: Ahhhh
Puppy: So can I have a treat?
Tal: You just had breakfast!
Puppy: I could still have a treat
Tal: No, I don’t think so
Puppy: You know that rule too? Catastrophe!!


Puppy: I’m very glad you’re here
Tal: Thank you for letting me be part of your family
Puppy: I take very good care of my family. They are my pack.
Tal: I see
Puppy: You can be part of my pack. I’ll take care of you, too
Tal: That would be very nice
Puppy: I am very good at taking care of people
Me: You are. But right now you need to clean up your toys
Puppy: Snuggling Tal
Me: And that is lovely, but it’s time to clean up your toys
Puppy: But. I’m. Snuggling.
Me: But I’m the Mommy
Puppy: Point well made. I have to go clean up my toys
Tal: Yes, you do
Puppy: I love you, Tal
Tal: I love you too, my new puppy friend


Love, Mom

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