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Braille and Chocolate Cake

Dear Kid,

Once upon a time, blind people could not read. This was OK, since pretty much no one else could read either (hence the beautiful stained glass in the churches, but that’s a different story). Even Mrs. Joe Neanderthal couldn’t read. But since there was next to nothing to read, none of this really mattered.

Then books were invented and not being able to read became a burden for the blind. Mostly the Unenlightened World (and by “unenlightened world” I mean everyone who wasn’t blind) ignored the problem. Enter Louis Braille stage left.

Louis was blinded as a child as a result of an accident (don’t ask, it’s not a pretty story). Interestingly, his parents continued to educate him and make sure he was part of the family and community. He was extremely bright and eventually was sent to a school for the blind.

The system used there to teach blind students to read was beyond cumbersome, and Braille invented Braille which was a much better option. Because it was better, seeing people hated it and refused to use it for a long time. Blind people thought it was terrific, staged a sit in, and eventually Braille became the standard.

This is National Braille Literacy Month in honor of Louis Braille who was born in January.

Happy National Chocolate Cake Day! DearKidLoveMom.comInterestingly, use of Braille is on the decline, primarily because text-to-speech technology has improved so much over recent years. However, over 150 million people around the world use Braille, so devoting a month to awareness is not at all unreasonable.

Also, tomorrow is National Chocolate Cake Day.

Try not to get the cake and Braille confused.

Love, Mom

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National Dog Day | Puppy Has His Say

Dear Kid,

Being Adorable is Exhausting DearKidLoveMom.comLast night the puppy climbed into my lap, put is paws on my chest, and stared at me with huge eyes.

Puppy: You blew it.
Me: Undoubtedly. What are we talking about?
Puppy: National Dog Day
Me: Yes
Puppy: On August 26th
Me: Yes
Puppy: You didn’t write about it
Me: True
Puppy: You. Blew. It.
Me: I’m sorry
Puppy: Do you know that dogs are important?
Me: Of course
Puppy: There are working dogs and cuddling dogs and dogs that work at cuddling, and you FORGOT to write about their day!
Me: I didn’t forget. Not exactly
Puppy: There are LOTS of dogs that need to be rescued
Me: You’re a rescue puppy
Puppy: And adorable
Me: And adorable
Puppy: And in charge of security
Me: And adorable
Puppy: And you missed our Day.
Me: Wait a minute. I’ve written about dogs that work for Guiding Eyes for the Blind and Diabetes Dogs and K-9 Dogs and International Dog Assistance Week and Rescue Dogs. And I write about you.
Puppy: You do?
Me: I do. Besides, isn’t pretty much every day National Dog Day?
Puppy: Not bath day
Me: Not even when the bath is over?
Puppy: Every day is Dog Day?
Me: Especially at the end of summer
Puppy: Huh?
Me: Never mind
Puppy: So, if every day is National Dog Day…
Me: Yes?
Puppy: I should get a treat
Me: You should, huh?
Puppy: Yes
Me: I thought you might say something like that. Come on!

Happy National Dog Day August 26th and Every Day

Love, Mom (and Booker)

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Sunday News Roundup for the College Kid and Adorable Puppies

Puppy wants to go to collegeDear Kid,

Friday night the Sycamore Aviators soundly defeated whoever it was they were playing. We were not there due a previous commitment, so we had to rely on the newspaper, Twitter, texts from all of Pi’s teammates, etc. to get the news. She returns to the field next week to the great joy and relief of the special teams coach.

Puppy love. Can it get any cuter?In puppy-raising news, Auntie M and Sean took Tanner to “college” at Guiding Eyes for the Blind just before you went to college. Auntie M said that at a restaurant on the trip “Tanner brilliantly executed the “be cute” and “provide obstacle for waiter” commands.” So proud. Once at school, he had to take a placement test (just like your math placement test, he wasn’t allowed to use a calculator). Their new puppy will (we think) be arriving sometime this week. Lots of idle speculation (my fave) about which puppy it will be. I’m confident in predicting he will be adorable and fluffy (in a puppy sort of way, not a Gabriel Iglesias sort of way) and that sooner or later we will get a photo. Puppies show here above are pretty much guaranteed not be be raised by Auntie M and Uncle Sean. Last minute addition to the post: Anakin must have arrived either last night or early this morning because I just received this adorable picture (thanks Grandma!). Welcome to the Family Anakin. May the Force be with you (too easy, I know) and may you grow up to be a wonderful addition to the Guiding Eyes family.Anakin Guiding Eyes for the Blind puppy

In Other News you will, I’m sure, be delighted to know that there is a new Guinness Book Record for the World’s Thinnest Sheet of Glass. It’s just 2 atoms thick which means it won’t be replacing windshields anytime soon. (Researchers think there will be uses in nanotechnology. But since they discovered it by accident, they aren’t worrying too much.)

Twitter has announced it’s going public (as in offering stock) which is probably totally uninteresting to you since it is unlikely to change anything about Twitter and you are a college kid which by definition means you have no money to invest in the stock market. Moving on.

Dad is at the Great Ohio River Paddle (GORP) today. He left at some crazy hour this morning (and by “Crazy Hour” I mean I’m not sure why he went to sleep in the first place). I suggested he take Booker (Booker thought it was a great idea) but Dad thought the notion of riding an hour and a half each way with a whining dog was not his idea of a Fun Sunday. Can’t say I completely disagree especially because he’ll be driving home in the truck which doesn’t have a Backseat for Little Dogs to Ride In. Dad will race home once the event ends and it will be all hands on deck (or all hands unloading truck) to empty out all the food and equipment, get the truck returned, and get Daddy off to the airport.

In addition to the Mad Dash to Unload the GORP truck, today will be full of excitement here. Booker may get a bath (he has very mixed feelings about that–the bath idea sounds terrible, but the Cheese After the Bath is Quite Wonderful), Pi will do homework, I will attempt to relocate our kitchen (it may have wandered away again), and other weekend-ish activities.

If you have a moment, you might send your new Cousin Anakin a welcome greeting.

Love, Mom

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Monsters University

monsters-university-pixar-disneyDear Kid,

What are you doing June 21st (or thereabouts)?

The new movie, Monsters University, is coming out and I think it will be invaluable pre-college research. [Isn’t it weird how “valuable” and “invaluable” mean pretty much the same thing?] Let me know if you’re interested in going to see it. If you are, this one’s on Mom.

The Monsters University website is hilarious (almost as funny as I am). The only (slight) problem is I can’t figure out the mascot, because I would definitely put him/her/it on the mascot page. May have to wait for the movie to figure that out. (If you have any ideas, please share.)

Guiding Eyes for the Blind puppy. Not a seeing eye snake

Not a seeing eye snake. This is the super adorable Arthur from GEB.

Just in case you were wondering, according to the website, pets are not allowed at MU, except (of course) seeing eye snakes. I think this is a very interesting opportunity for Guiding Eyes for the Blind to investigate…

In other news, Booker is shedding like it’s his job. He might make a good monster. I wonder if cartoon monsters shed fur or little data drops of ones and zeros…

Happy Today. Let me know about the movie.

Love, Mom


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