Dear Kid,

Yesterday was the funeral of Cincinnati Police Officer Sonny Kim.

Officer Kim was shot and killed in a violent episode last week.

There’s been a lot written about the shooting and about Officer Kim’s life as a community builder, husband, father, and karate instructor. Clearly he had a huge impact on those whose lives he touched.

Officer Sonny Kim's funeral procession stretched for 14 miles along Montgomery Road in Cincinnati. DearKidLoveMom.comYesterday, after the service, the funeral procession drove up Montgomery Road to the Gates of Heaven cemetery.

Most of the people in my office took a break from the day to go outside and watch the processional.

For 45 minutes we stood in silence as police cars from different municipalities—and different states—drove by. We just stood in tribute.

And all along the 14 mile route, people stopped what they were doing, came outside, and witnessed the day.

There was something profoundly moving about the tribute to the fallen officer.

Nothing can make up for the loss to his family, to the police force, to the community. And yesterday’s events probably didn’t touch the lives of those who live in violence or mental illness.

But I like to believe that – for a short time at least – we, the Cincinnati community, were joined together hoping and praying for a better world.

Love, Mom