Dear Kid,

This weekend, Dad and I went to Summerfair. Summerfair is Cincinnati’s biggest and best outdoor art show (they probably describe themselves differently, but that’s my opinion). About a zillion people go every year to see (and buy) wonderful arts, crafts, and kettle corn from over 300 arteests.

This year Dad and I decided to go early in the day before it was too hot or too crowded or the pollen count got too high. We got there early. Big ol’ fail on the hot and crowded and pollen, but that was ok.

Unsurprisingly there was lots of gorgeous stuff to see. I did not buy most of it because the Lottery Fairy forgot to land on our doorstep this year. I have to admit that I drooled on a few pieces of jewelry. And a few pieces of really creative art like this:

Fantastic art at Summerfair Cincinnati 2014.

Fortunately, none of the artists seemed to mind having their work admired.

We ran into several people we know including BJ. She helped take care of you and Pi right after Pi was born. She is, imho, a saint. She reminded me that when she was here we had a houseplant that I had managed to neglect rather convincingly. “Should I throw it out?” I asked her. “Unless you’re expecting E.T. to show up.” was her response. Very funny. Before you roll your eyes at my idiotic question you should know that women who have recently given birth are operating with exactly two brain cells both of which are sleep deprived.

BJ is now making clothes from recycled T-shirts. Trés cute. We did not buy you this skirt, because you’re not a skirt wearing type of dude. But I took the photo for you.

O.U. Oh, Yeah skirt by

Dear Entire World: You really should check out BJ’s stuff. Fab-u-lous. That’s the kind of commercial we do for people who produce great stuff and took care of my babies when they were tiny and I was a zombie. That’s just how we roll at DearKidLoveMom. upcycled clothes from recycled t-shirts. at Summerfair Cincinnati 2014

The way Summerfair is laid out makes a great deal of sense as long as “straight line” is not one of your criteria. The result is we walked about 17 miles during the morning. Poor little tired me.

It is my opinion that blacktop should be white. Please see what you can do about that.

It was a gorgeous day, the crafts were spectacular, and I came home having thoroughly done my part to support the artistic community. I am not showing pictures of my purchases here because I wouldn’t want anyone to get the idea they can skip Summerfair and pinch my new possessions.

All in all, a great start to a great weekend.

Love, Mom