Dear Kid,

It’s a beautiful morning.

Dastardly Squirrel eating from birdfeederI’d like to think that the birds are happily sharing the bird feeder, but there is actually a pecking order. The little birds make way for the medium birds make way for the big birds. The nice birds scoot for the less-friendly birds. Which basically means the blue jays eat whenever they choose to. Fortunately (for the little birds), the jays nibble and then move off giving others a turn.

At least one bunny survived the spring. It is hopping across the lawn (fortunately, the Puppy is napping, so the alarms aren’t being sounded). The rabbit hops over to the bird feeder where the squirrels are picking up the fallen seeds. Squirrels flee before the Dread Rabbit Rogers (who ignores the seeds and continues on to do rabbit things).

Speaking of squirrels, they are still trying to figure out how to get up the bird feeder. And I am having a wonderful time watching them.

I want to tag the squirrels. Partly because I think the idea of squirrel bling is adorable. Partly because I can’t tell them apart and I think it would be interesting to know which squirrels keep trying to get up the bird feeder and which accept that the only seeds they are going to get are the ones the jays and cardinals throw on the ground.

Hope you’re day is full of amusement.

Love, Mom