Dear Kid,

You’re not going to believe this. We’re doing yoga. Not just me. Your father is joining me. And enjoying it.

So far we’ve just done a 20 minute intro to yoga which consists mostly of breathing while sitting and then breathing while standing with one downward dog and one warrior pose. But we’ve now done it three days in a row, which I consider to be a Trend if not an actual Achievement.

Yoga. We haven't quite mastered this one...or anything even close. Breathing. We can breathe. DearKidLoveMom.comDad is quick to point out that it is not just yoga, it is Yoga with Adrienne. Adrienne has videos on YouTube which we are playing on the big TV (so it’s techy). If you want to see what we’re doing you too can follow along.

The funniest part of yoga is how the Puppy feels about it. He sees yoga as an invitation to play. We’re breathing calming. The Puppy is bouncing around. We bring our awareness to our center. He brings awareness to his toys. We go into downward dog. He head-butts me. It’s an interesting dynamic.

Not only are we doing yoga at home, Dad has been going to the gym with me. He’ll walk with me a little and then ride the bike a little. He’s even jogged a bit with me, but he insists on trying to correct my running form so I don’t encourage the jogging as I am not there for criticism or instruction.

New year, new us.

Love, Mom

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