(Making 2017 a good year one day at a time)

We know that 2016 wasn’t the greatest year ever. We don’t know where 2017 is going to take us, but we can all do our part to make it wonderful.
So as part of “doing my part”, I created
Today’s Goal: Making 2017 a good year one day at a time. 

I can’t promise this page will always be up to date. (If you want the daily “goal” update, follow me on Twitter or FB.)

January 30
Today’s Goal:

January 29
Today’s Goal: Smile kindly at a stranger.

January 28
Today’s Goal: Throw away something that’s been bothering you.

January 27
Today’s Goal:It’s Friday. Do a happy dance. Seriously. Dance.

January 26
Today’s Goal: Take ten minutes all for yourself.

January 25
Today’s Goal: Stand up and stretch.

January 24
Today’s Goal: Write down one personal goal for this week.

January 23
Today’s Goal: Take your own advice.

January 22
Today’s Goal: Stand straight. Feel good about it.

January 21
Today’s Goal: Remember a really happy day. Smile.

January 20
Today’s Goal: Hold the door for someone.

January 19
Today’s Goal: No swearing. At all. Get creative if necessary.

January 18
Today’s Goal: Listen. Really listen.

January 17
Today’s Goal: ‘Fess up.

January 16
Today’s Goal: Drink more water. Pour someone else a glass.

January 15
Today’s Goal: Make yourself a hot beverage. Take the time to really enjoy it. (Making 2017 a good year one day at a time)

January 14
Today’s Goal: Today is National Dress Up Your Pet Day. Refrain.

January 13
Today’s Goal: It’s Friday the 13th! Hug someone (and don’t walk under a ladder!)

January 12
Today’s Goal: Compliment someone.

January 11
Today’s Goal: It’s the 11th. Count to 11 before saying anything you’ll regret.

January 10
Today’s Goal: Buy coffee for a stranger.

January 9
Today’s Goal: Look up a lame joke. Tell it often. Laugh a lot.

January 8
Today’s Goal: Think about someone no longer in your life. Smile at the memory.

January 7
Today’s Goal: Take a moment to think.

January 6
Today’s Goal: Plan something for the weekend that makes you happy.

January 5
Today’s Goal: Say something cheerfully unexpected.

January 4
Today’s Goal: Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.

January 3
Today’s Goal: Don’t insult someone. Even in your head.

January 2
Today’s Goal: Make yourself smile.

January 1
Today’s Goal: Make someone smile.

January 2017 Making 2017 a good year one day at a time. DearKidLoveMom.com