Dear Kid,

Today is National Martini Day, so pull up your martini glass and let’s talk ‘tini.

Happy Martini Day! DearKidLoveMom.comTraditional martinis are made with gin, vermouth, and an olive or a twist of lemon.

The world’s most famous martini is of course the Bond martini, which is shaken not stirred. Many people say gin should be gently stirred so as not to bruise the gin. Other people say that shaking can over dilute the drink because ice gets broken and melts. Either way, conventional wisdom is at odds with 007.

Vodka martinis are made with (duh) vodka instead of gin. Which is helpful if you want to drink a martini and you don’t like gin.

Many people like dry martinis, made with little to no vermouth. As in, just wave the vermouth bottle in the general direction of the drink. Or bow toward France.

The martini glass came before the martini although of course it wasn’t named the martini glass until the martini came along and took up residence.

These days there are zillions (I counted) of variations. Like burnt (martini with a bit of smoky wisky). Or a dirty martini which includes a splash of olive brine.

Many of the newer ‘tinis use vodka as a base because the vodka won’t fight with the other flavors. Appletinis include apple schnapps. Chocolate martinis use chocolate liqueur and crème de cacao. An espresso martini has Kahlua and espresso (and pretty much nothing to do with martinis).

There are lots more, but this isn’t about making you a master bartender. It’s about noticing it’s martini day.

So raise a glass of water (stirred not shaken) and enjoy.

Love, Mom