Dear Kid,

You may have heard me talk once or twice (or possibly more) about the Importance of Drinking Water. I speak of this Importance in Ernest (extra points for getting the reference).

Drink more water. Seriously. More. DearKidLoveMom.comOnce again, DRINK WATER.

For the record, caffeinated beverages don’t count (well, they count in the caffeine column, but not in the hydration column [depending who you ask]).

It’s summer which we know because all of a sudden it is HOT.

Speaking of weather craziness, having the Stanley Cup playoffs in Tampa in June is almost as crazy as having the World Cup finals in Canada registering over 90 degrees on the field. (Qatar? Are you insane?)

Why drink water? Not only does it taste good, it’s good for you. Basically, your body is a bunch of water inside your skin and held upright by a skeleton. That’s why you squish.

Which means that when you sweat or sneeze you’re letting important parts out.

Don’t hold in your sneezes (which sounds painful) just make sure you’re drinking enough water to offset the occasional a-choo and the frequent perspiration.

Grab some hydrogen, mix in a little oxygen, and stay hydrated.

Love, Mom