Dear Kid,

Happy Bake Cookies Day!

Yes, it is the cookie baking time of year and someone decided to celebrate by creating a Day for The Baking of Cookies.

C is for cookie. Happy National Cookie Month.

I read somewhere that there is no Eat Cookies Day and the author couldn’t figure out why there was a Bake Cookies Day and not an Eat Cookies Day. I immediately thought “Duh” and “Implied” and “What do you mean there are cookies left over for another day?”

Since we have a gluten-free guest arriving today, I thought it would be good to make gluten-free cookies. So I consulted My Friend the Internet for some ideas about gluten-free cookies.

The conversation went something like this.

Me: I’d like some recipes for gluten-free cookies.
MFtI: No, you wouldn’t.
Me: What? I’m pretty sure I would.
MFtI: You eat regular cookies. You’ll be much happier with those.
Me: We have a gluten-free guest coming. I like to make sure I don’t poison my guests.
MFtI: You’ll regret this.
Me: Show the recipes.
MFtI: Fine. I’m just sayin’. You won’t be happy.
Me (looking at the recipes): Well of course I won’t be happy. These call for all sorts of weird and expensive ingredients.
MFtI: I warned you.
Me: How about some recipes that don’t call for gluten-free flour or coconut sugar?
MFtI: You’re asking a lot this early in the morning.
Me: Show the recipes!
MFtI: Yeah, yeah. What do you think about these?
Me: I’m not sure recipes that talk about how to bake without an aftertaste is an improvement…
MFtI: You should really go old school.
Me: What do you mean?
MFtI: Cookies that never called for flour in the first place.
Me: Like meringues?
MFtI: Exactly. Now can I go back to sleep?

Love, Mom