Dear Kid,

Well, yeah.

Calendars are wonderful. They’re useful for making notes and keeping appointments. They remind us of holidays and birthdays and daylight savings time.

And they often have cute pictures.

Over the last few years, themed calendars have been getting more specific. We’ve gone from calendars with dogs to calendars with puppies to calendars with only lab puppies. Or pugs. Or whatever. All of which is fine and lovely.

I think people should look at their calendar and smile.

So I’m completely in favor of calendars that make people happy.

The other day, however, I saw a themed calendar that just made me scratch my head.

It was a goat calendar. And not just a goat calendar. Goats in Trees. I am not making this up. I took a photo so you could see for yourself.

I had no idea goats liked to hang out in trees.

I am fascinated by this.

I didn’t know there were enough people who liked goats to make a goat calendar worth printing.

I had no idea goats liked to hang out in trees. Or that anyone made a habit of photographing them when they gamboled and gallivanted vertically. When did goats start doing this? When did calendar people notice? Who knew that there could be 12 wonderful photos of goats in trees?

Live and learn.

Love, Mom