Dear Kid,

Flip flops are perfect for summer. DearKidLoveMom.comMy feet are cold.

I have no idea why since it’s about 102 degrees outside, but that’s feet for you. Never the right temperature.

During the winter, my feet are generally cool chilly frosty frigid solid blocks of ice. But during the summer they generally thaw. Sometimes they even overheat. None of the physical therapists have commented on the lack of warmth in my tootsies, so they must have been relatively temperate.

Not at the moment.

Apparently, my circulation has decided to simply skip everything below my ankles. The rest of me feels fine; feet, not so much.

I decided to find some heat.

I talked to the Puppy about warming up my feet by napping on them. He explained that he preferred his pillow. I offered a treat. He happily took the treat—and returned to his pillow.

I asked Pi to warm up my feet. She rolled her eyes as only she can. Derision slid off around her and bounced around the room. It did not provide warmth for my feet.

I asked Dad to help out. He burst into laughter, but finally spit out a solid, “no.”

I went into the kitchen and made a cup of coffee. Hot coffee should warm up my toes, right? Wrong. The coffee nicely heated up my entire body (which didn’t need additional heating) and completely ignored my feet.


As I type this, I’m sitting with my laptop on my feet. My laptop is nice and warm. My feet are not.

I’m pretty sure there’s a conspiracy somewhere.

Here’s to hoping for a small bit of global warming. Or at least foot thaw.

Love, Mom