Dear Kid,

Last night was date night.

First Daddy and I went to the Contemporary Arts Center downtown. I generally modern art. Dad generally doesn’t. But this time we were in complete agreement—neither of us cared for the art currently on display.

My favorite part was the sign in the UnMuseum part of the exhibit that said not to climb on or lick the art.

I kid you not.

Here’s all this art that patrons are encouraged to touch and snuggle with and they feel a need for a sign that says not to lick any of the art.

It makes me seriously worry about the people going to the exhibit. Ick.

Then we went to dinner at Pi Pizza and Beer.

Pi Pizza and Beer. Date night dinner.

Pi Pizza

The décor was very, very Pi. The math symbol, not your sister.

We had πr2 (Pi Squares) for appetizers.

We had Pi Squares for appetizers.

Then we had pizza (surprise!) for dinner.

Pi Pizza

We didn’t have room for dessert (but I really liked the idea of a piece of Pi).

Pi Pizza Dessert Menu.

Date night was fun (but not entirely diet-friendly!).

Love, Mom