Dear Kid,

Today’s Word of the Day is OGANOLEPTIC.

Organoleptic properties are the aspects of food, water, or other substances that an individual experiences via the senses.

Organ (like eyes, nose, tongue) and leptic (as in “to fall off”—no that’s leper).

The reason that organoleptic is today’s word is that I just learned it. And it’s really fun to say. (Go ahead. Try it. I’ll wait…. See? Fun to say.)

Department of Agriculture employees frequently perform organoleptic inspections (“eeeewwww—shut this place down!”).

Today’s Word of the Day is OGANOLEPTIC. But don’t be all that impressed. You perform organoleptic tests all the time. Visual inspection (“interesting, colorful”), sniff (“hmmm, that smells yummy”), taste test (“Oh, yes. That is an excellent pizza. And I really, really hope that green stuff is spinach.”).

I love learning new words.

Tomorrow’s word of the day will (of course) be PIANOLEPTIC.

Love, Mom